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What We Do

On one hand we are offering software and hardware tailored especially to the needs of a client’s applications and requirements.
On the other hand we are using ready made, pre-tested, software and hardware CPCC modules. These numerous off the shelf modules are straight forward and easy to customize to any of the client’s applications. Thus we reduce dramatically the need for tailoring and this enables us to offer, to our clients, a price that is very affordable.

By using CPCC you can reduce your costs by up to 75% and in doing so get a low price, high tech tailored solution to enhance your applications and products.

The CPCC Unit - Custom PC Connection Unit is an affordable package of software and hardware that in a quick and easy way will connect, operate and control your application via PC.

The CPCC Unit consists of:




With the CPCC unit you are not limited by the processing power of a singe PC. We can synchronize many PC’s to run simultaneously just for your application, allowing the huge advantages of multiplying the PC processing power for your application. This is a unique method of parallel PC processing – Advantages-of-Our-Technology

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