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Virtual and Visual PC Instruments and Control System


Our CPCC unit is a new concept for custom virtual test and visual PC instruments and control. CPCC unit will satisfy all your requirements and give you even more for your virtual and visual instruments control system.
The fact is the CPCC unit by its features, is an ideal solution for custom test PC instruments, control and custom visual equipments. CPCC will bring you the latest high technology customized for visual PC instruments control system, test and research instruments, saving you time, money and resources and meeting your requirements at affordable cost. There are many various benefits using the CPCC for visual instruments and control, some of them are:

To see CPCC concept please go to Homepage, What We Do.
As there are so many CPCC benefits for virtual, test and visual instruments and equipment we cannot show them all here so that you have to learn more about them visiting the following pages:  Flexibility-Features,  Custom-Software-Design,  Custom-Electronics-DesignLab Equipment and InstrumentsScientific Instruments and Equipment,  PC-Measurements-and-Controls, USB 2.0 communicationSynchronized Simultaneous Measurement1Excel-Access-My-SQL-SQLSoftware-Interface, Instruments-and-Equipment-for-Research-and-Development.

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