Multiplying PC Processing Power

The new concept that we are offering, a variation of a CPCC unit, is the SCU (Synchronized Custom Unit for PC). SCU gives a robust and flexible solution, at an affordable cost for multiplying PC processing power. By attaching simultaneous synchronized SCU units onto multiple PC’s you will get simultaneously synchronized PC’s.

The SCU contains ready made software and hardware for synchronized PC applications, with additional custom software and hardware to satisfy your complex application requirements. The SCU will give you an affordable and superior platform for multiplying PC processing power while running PC’s in parallel for your application. All SCU units are connected to PC’s by 480Mbits USB 2.0 serial link.

By using the SCU you are not limited by the power of a single PC, or by the number of peripheral devices attached to one PC, you are able to run as many PC’s in parallel as you require. This allows you to run simultaneously as many channels as you wish. These channels can be of various types such as:- analog to digital converters, digital to analog converters, peripheral buses, function generators, power drivers etc.

For measurement synchronization and real time synchronized application, we can achieve measurements or application that occurs at the same time. With the clock resolution in microseconds or nanoseconds, i.e. the same clock running multiple SCU’s with several PC’s gives you an efficient way to multiply your PC processing power. By multiplying your PC processing power, for one or more applications you are obtaining parallel PC processing.

There are three main ways of using SCU’s .

We have full software and hardware support for these types of use. For basic CPCC concept please refers to page What-We-Do.
Then further information, please refer to pages Scientific-Instruments-and-EquipmentFlexibility-FeaturesCustom-HardwareCustom-Lab-Instruments-and-Equipment, Data-Acquisition

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