LabDeck Plotter Software

Learn to use Plotter Software in 15 minutes, additional Demo Mode
The plotter software will lead user and it will show which button need to press take him to various task and softer modes to learn to use.

- The user can quickly learn to use our plotter and will know straight away which button needs to be pressed, as that button will start to blink at the appropriate time. Therefore the plotter software will help and lead the user in running the plotter. Our graphical interface is extremely user friendly.
- Additional Demo Mode which will take the user to various plotter modes teaching them how to manage the plotter in different applications. The flashing buttons will indicate the actions to be taken in each mode.
- Extremely user friendly for complex applications.

Graph type: lin-lin, lin-log, log-lin, log-log Customizable axis log base for logarithmic axis (e.g. 10 or e).

Plot – curve, chart, functions, excel, accesses, wave shape, graph, 2D, 3D etc …

Plotter Demo - Free Plotter Software
You can download our free Plotter Software Demo version.

You can enter explicit function as type of Y=F(X)
Various mathematics functions user can enter and plot there curve, include trigonometric function, exponential function, log function, and power function. No limitation in the size of function.

Unlimited files size
You can open any size file but, practically you are limited with Hard Disk HD in your PC.
Therefore you are limited by your hardware not by our plotter software. This is because we generate pictures (graphs) dynamically.

Supported File Formats: lpp (Flexitek Plotter File), ldl (Flexitek Data Logger Data – Raw Data), ldp (Flexitek Data Logger – Processed Data), xls (MS Excel Format), mdb (MS Access Format)

Able to open and display multiple files simultaneously
Curve graph from one file. Curve graph from another file.
Unlimited quantities data files can be opened simultaneously. Theses curves can be save then in single file.

Merge curve files and save as a single file
Curve graph from one file. Curve graph from another file.
Unlimited quantities data files can be opened simultaneously. Theses curves can be save then in single file.

Apply data amplifier (both horizontally and vertically).

Change curve phase (horizontally) and/or offset (vertically).
Can separately adjust input and output phase/offset.
Input is before amplification, output is after amplification.

In/Out Phase Shift, In/Out Offset Shift provide list of all series with check boxes, so the same value can be applied to all checked (marked) channels at once).

Data Table, manual data points editing.

Various data management - Table Mode, Function Mode
Table Mode - creates new data series with no data points, immediately shows data table so data can be typed in manually.

Function Mode - creates new data series using specified function/formula. options: start/stop x value, step (or number of points to create).

All standard mathematical functions
All standard mathematical functions more - All standard mathematical functions: sin, cos, tan, asin, acos, atan sh, ch, th, asinh, acosh, atanh, log2, log10, ln, exp, sqrt, abs, ...

Interpolation, Approximation and Regression
a) Clone (duplicate a channel)
b) Square Wave
c) Hermite Spline
d) Akima Spline
e) Cubic Spline (interpolation)
f) Cubic B-Spline (approximative spline)
g) Differential (option: order (first, second, third, ...))
h) Integral (option: Continuous or Node to Node)
j) Linear regression Y = a + b(X), from, to, a can be manually fixed
racuna a (intercept) i b (slope)
1. Average (signal mean)
2. Variances (xx and yy), Covariance (xy)
3. Standard deviation, percentage of the data points that are within one standard deviation of the mean.
4. Correlation Coefficient (r^2)
i) Polinomial Regression Y = a + B*X + C*X^2 + ..., from, to, option: polynom order from 2 to 20
j) Non-linear regression, from, to, weight function, with variance or with covariance, option: number of iterations
All options create a new channel with the same properties except, Clone of or Differential of is added before the original name. Data points are transformed in the choosen way.

Math, Integral, Differential, FFT, RMS
• Integral (node to node, continuous, from one value to another value)
• Differential, first, second, third,
• FFT (Spectrum Analysis,), plus Power (dB). Supported window filters: Rectangular, Hanning, Hamming, Blackman, Blackman Harris, Flat Top.
• Average
• Adding two curve functions F1(x) + F2(x)
• Subtracting two curve functions F1(x) – F2(x)

Plotter Software Auto Roll Mode
- Start/stop button
- Roll speed track bar (can adjust auto-roll speed on the fly, while graph is rolling)

Plotter Software Printing support
- Print current graph to file (Save Graph to a file).
- Print current graph.
- Print data points table of a specified channel.

File Support lpp, lpd, Excel, Access:
- Load Data Logger File, show list of channels stored in file, select channels to be loaded.
- Load Plotter File, show list of channels stored in file, select channels to be loaded. When loading a file, load data, settings and graph view.
- Save Plotter File, save all loaded channels or only selected channels, plotter saves both data and settings, saves current view, ...

Zoom control, Smooth scroll

2D and 3D curves

TCP Monitor Mode Support making real time curve graph

- List table of enabled channels with check boxes (which ones to monitor)
- and combo boxes (or text boxes) to specify polling time interval.
- Start/stop button for all monitored channels
- TCP data transfer

Access Database support - Load / export channels to MS Access (future versions: MS-SQL, MySQL, ...)

MS Excel real time transfer and Excel import /export
- Load a single channel (or more?) from Excel Sheet
- Export single channel (or more?) to Excel Sheet

Web Support
- Act as a web client, file and monitor mode (connect to a server specified with [IP address, port], show list of files/channels, load selected file or monitor selected channels).
- Act as a web server, two modes:
a) using existing web server, enter path to web servers virtual root folder subdirectory where html page and graph image is saved, enter refresh interval.
b) as a web server, enter server IP address and port; select channels to be exposed to web, while channels are exposed, clines can request list of channels or data/settings for a specific channel.

Graph Controls, Graph View, Display, Data Series
Graph Controls:

- Smooth scroll both horizontally and vertically (graph is visible while you scroll, unlike competitor products which dont show graph until you release scroll bar button)
- ZoomIn, ZoomOut buttons, zoom in has pop-up menu with predefines percentage zooms and custom option below which opens a small dialog box where you can type an arbitrary zoom rate.
- Copy Graph to Windows Clipboard (very useful for embedding graphs in your scientific reports).

Graph View:

- Quadrant selection (valid combinations: 1, 1&2, 1&4, 4, 3&4, 1&2&3&4)
- Adjust XPerGrid (timebase), YPerGrid (using track bars).
- Adjust graph vertical range (with bipolar / unipolar selections)
- Select Flat or 3D view
- Adjust grid size (either select from a set of predefined grid sizes or type in a custom grid size)
- Adjust number of grid subdivisions per grid rectangle (both horizontally and vertically).


- Background Color
- Graph Title (arbitrary comment), Font, Color
- Show grid (supported static and scrollable grids), Line Style, Line Width, Color
- Show grid subdivision (either as lines or as notches along axis), Line Style, Line Width, Color
- Show Axes, Line Style, Line Width, Color
- Adjust axis position
vertical axis: left hand side, right hand side or through origin
horizontal axis: below graph, above graph or through origin
- Vertical axis mode (increase upwards or increase downwards)

- Show Labels (numerated axis), Font, Color
- Select data series whose labels are visible (separate selection for horizontal and for vertical axis). Note that each data series can be translated and/or amplified so different series can have different coordinate systems. All displayed on a single graph!

- Exponential labels with custom base (e.g. x 10^### or x e^###)
- X/Y Axis Units (ms, V ...)
- Adjust labels precision (from zero up to three digits after decimal point)

Data Series (channel) properties:

- Series Name (Title)
- Show Series (bool, visible on graph or not)
- Plot:
1. Points, options: Point Size, Color, Point style: . + X * O [] diamond triangle
2. Lines, options: Line Style, Line Width, Color
3. Bars: 2D/3D bars, options: koji deo prostora izmedju dve uzastopne tacke se koristi za bar; 3D (bool, da li je 3D i tada ima izbor depth)

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