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LabDeck Data Logger Manual Rec All/Separate Table Mode Time Graph Mode Event Mode Mix Mode Excel Access Web Client Web Server
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Logger - Academic and students 20% off

  • Easy to use - learn in 15 minutes, contains Demo Mode
  • Unlimited number of instruments and channels which can be
  • Unlimited size of recorded files
  • Work with asynchrony and non periodic channels
  • Variable recording speed for each channel
  • There are no limitations to the number of recording intervals for each channel.
  • Five user modes, capable to satisfy various data logger applications
  • Manual Mode
  • Time Table Mode
  • Time Graph Mode
  • Event Mode
  • Mixed Mode
  • TCP Server and Client Mode
  • Merge data logger files and save as a one Excel or Access or Plotter data file
  • Users can open a file containing recorded data and then start to record, adding new data.
  • Various Print Options – LabDeck Print table, Excel table, Access table
  • Save recorded data in data logger *.ldl file, Excel and Access database
  • Converting and processing data
  • Web Server
  • Various configurations available, for one instrument or an unlimited number of instruments
  • Additional Options
  • LabDeck Data Plotter can directly connect to LabDeck Data Logger. LabDeck Plotter has FFT, interpolation and mathematical functions, 2D and 3D graphic, Roll Over and Monitor Mode etc…
  • Various LabDeck software modules can be attached to our data logger such as: plotter, monitor, digital meter, server, etc…

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