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Industrial Automation Control

  • CPCC unit with its adaptable and flexible solution for custom Industrial Automation Control has various features. This new concept in Industrial Automation Control made to meet your exact application requirements, is an advanced solution in custom Industrial Automation Control. It consists of custom hardware/software modules and ready made customized modules, using the latest technology and USB2.0 PC serial link. Our policy, delivering affordable custom technology with competitive cost, saves you money, resources and time.
  • To see more information about CPCC unit, please refer to What-We-Do.
    To see the many benefits of using CPCC in Industrial Automation Control please see:
 Multiplying-PC-Processing-Power,  Synchronized-Simultaneous-Measurement1Data AcquisitionCustom-Lab-Instruments-and-EquipmentCustom-EquipmentUSB Data AcquisitionInstruments and Equipment for Research and Development.

If you are in robotic development, CPC technology for measurements plus Roboticex technology will deliver advance automation solutions.
For instance, you can simultaneously run, from one PC, various Roboticex boards which are specifically made for robotic applications. Regarding robotic technology.

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