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Data Acquisition

Please refer to our pages Custom-Data-LoggerTimersCustom-Function-Wave-Generator, Display meters, …. See Examples

Sensors We can help specify sensors for your system. We have experience with thermocouples, RTD, pressure, strain, vibration, current, light, and other types of sensors.
A/D, D/A converters We are not limited by the number of analog to digital converters, digital to analog converters, number of channels, resolution and speeds.
Signal conditioning We can configure our hardware products and can specify signal conditioning hardware from other sources.
Hardware integration We can supply hardware integration with PC components to meet your computing and communication requirements.
Parallel processing We can, theoretically, run simultaneously an unlimited number of synchronized PC’s and CPCC.
Real-time processing We can help implement any real-time processing and control that your application requires.
Digital signal processing We can provide and implement special processing requirements for your application.
Custom commands We can create custom commands that will perform the particular operations that you require. We specialize in writing custom commands and can provide great value.
User interface We can supply standard and customized user interface software based on your specifications. We have experience in high-speed graphical display and in high-speed disk logging.
Custom software development For the special requirements of your system, whether large or small, we can add our experience to yours to providing a highly reliable solution. We can provide special software for various areas:Real-time numerical processing Real-time control systems Digital signal processing High-speed data collection, display, and disk logging Monitoring and testing systems DLL creation Device drivers for UNIX
Distributed systems We will provide complete solutions for distributed data acquisition on an Ethernet network.
Training We have several options for training. To obtain the maximum benefit we are able to provide training sessions. We will also make special arrangements for on-site training.

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