Custom Test Automation and Instrument Equipment

The CPCC unit has many features, which are ideal for use in custom test automation and instrument equipment. The benefits of using the CPCC unit in custom instruments are: :

To see all of the benefits for custom test automation and instrument equipment, please refer to other pages Flexibility-FeaturesData-AcquisitionCustom-Software-Design,  Custom-Electronics-Design,  Custom-Lab-Instruments-and-Equipment,  Excel-Access-My-SQL-SQLSoftware-InterfaceL,  Scientific-Instruments-and-Equipment,  PC-Measurements-and-Controls,  USB-2-0-communicationInstruments and Equipment for Research and DevelopmentSynchronized Simultaneously Measurement,  USB-Data-Acquisition.

By using CPCC custom tailored test automation and instrument equipment instruments you will boost and enhance your testing application. CPCC is a new concept in custom tailored testing and custom test equipment. CPCC consists of ready made, customized software and hardware modules, custom software and electronics for your application and USB2.0 PC 480Mbits serial link. For more about the CPCC concept refer to What-We-Do.

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