1. Universal Engineering Software
  2.  Data Acquisition
  3. ZigBee, LAN, USB, RS485,PCI
  4. LabDeck Software
  5.  PC Control
  1. Custom Software & Electronics
  2.  Virtual-Instrumentation
  3.  PC Interfacing 
  4.  OEM

New Concept Custom PC Connection Unit  CPCC  is the answer to an ever increasing demand for a PC connection to many different devices, such as simple and ordinary or complex and high tech. On the other hand, CPCC represents an affordable and enhanced solution for custom: instruments, equipment and applications.

Our CPCC unit uses the affordable control and data acquisition software package and modules which contain many advanced features. For Plotting software, Data logger, Control, Data Acquisition, Excel and Access interfacing and many other software applications please go to Software.

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