1. Universal Engineering Software
  2.  Data Acquisition
  3. ZigBee, LAN, USB, RS485,PCI
  4. LabDeck
  5.  PC Control
  1. Custom Software & Electronics
  2.  Virtual-Instrumentation
  3.  PC Interfacing 
  4.  OEM

The FlexiPClink gives you an idea on how to use your personal computer PC for engineering, technology and scientific computing for your custom applications.

Today, the PC software which you use is your main tool in your technology and your requirements, how flexible and how versatile the features are of the software that’s how productive you are, therefore software for technical, engineering and scientific applications/computing must have various complex features but still be simple to use.

Your software demand therefore is for more features and universal use however it still needs to be very dedicated to your needs and your technology solution.

From all that, the software should have:

The listed features above is the main philosophy of the MatDeck software at LabDeck.com.

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